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  • Bounce Ahead activity: Cross the Pool

    Post by Jordan on April 19th, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+

    Waboba Used: Blast, Surf or Pro

    Players: Divide into groups

    How to Play:

    • In groups of 4, 2 players stand at each end of the pool.  You choose the depth.
    • Each has to bounce the Waboba to a teammate; 1 bounce and a clean catch.
    • When this happens, the bouncer can cross to the other side of the pool.
    • The challenge is complete when all players are on the opposite end of the pool from where they started.
    • Can be made competitive by racing other teams.

    Decrease Challenge:

    • Use floats to block the Waboba. Allow a block or a clean catch.
    • Use Blast ball for younger children or those having trouble throwing and catching

    Increase Challenge:

    • Catch with the opposite hand
    • Increase number of crossings required
  • Introducing Bounce Ahead!

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    We have some exciting news. Soon, Waboba will be bouncing into schools! Waboba has already made its debut at Culverhay School in Bath, UK with Head of PE, Simon Scarborough using Waboba in his PE lessons. We loved Simon’s lessons so much, that we teamed up with him to develop Bounce Ahead! Bounce Ahead! includes many different activities with Waboba balls, the Street and Flyer that PE teachers, coaches, instructors, and even camp leaders can use when looking for news ways to engage their students and players.

    We’ll be officially launching Bounce Ahead! into the physical education world at the AAHPERD convention in Boston March 14-16th. We’ll be at booth 425 and welcome any and all to come by and learn more about how they can use Waboba in school or after school. Attendees can also sign up to receive 2 free sample products of their choice and a copy of Bounce Ahead, which includes 15 different activities for starters. We hope to include many, many more activities with the help of PE teachers around the world!

    In the meantime, for more information on Bounce Ahead! please visit, waboba.com/BounceAhead or check back here for more activities posted under the category “Bounce Ahead.” Of course, we welcome you to share your own Waboba activities and lessons with us to be featured on our blog/website for a chance to win more Waboba balls for your class!

    Check out Simon’s first blog post and activity with Waboba to see where it all began.

  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Waboba Skills

    Post by Jordan on November 28th, 2011

    Don’t let their age fool you. 14-year-old students taught by Simon Scarborough at Culverhay School in the UK developed 10 tips on how to master Waboba. The game is played at an indoor pool with goals on opposite ends.

    1. Pass to players over 5m away as it is difficult to bounce at short distance.
    2. Look to pass the ball up the pool quickly.
    3. Shoot from anywhere if possible.
    4. If you can’t shoot, pass to someone who can shoot (to most likely player able to socre, based on position in relation to the goal and if they are being marked by opponent or not).
    5. Goalkeeper pass to midfield or attack (not defender).
    6. Play a target player about 10m away from the goal. Get the Waboba to him as soon as possible to shoot.
    7. Difficult to shoot from close range because ball tends to bounce over the goal if thrown with power.
    8. Rotate positions so you can develop a range of skills.
    9. Waboba’s travel further when bounced than when lobbed through the air.
    10. Bounce the Waboba just in front of the goalkeeper. The bounce can make it more difficult for them to react to and save.

    To read the full post, visit Simon’s blog – Excellence Through PE.

    What other tips/skills would you suggest?