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  • Bounce Ahead activity: Cross the Pool

    Post by Jordan on April 19th, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+

    Waboba Used: Blast, Surf or Pro

    Players: Divide into groups

    How to Play:

    • In groups of 4, 2 players stand at each end of the pool.  You choose the depth.
    • Each has to bounce the Waboba to a teammate; 1 bounce and a clean catch.
    • When this happens, the bouncer can cross to the other side of the pool.
    • The challenge is complete when all players are on the opposite end of the pool from where they started.
    • Can be made competitive by racing other teams.

    Decrease Challenge:

    • Use floats to block the Waboba. Allow a block or a clean catch.
    • Use Blast ball for younger children or those having trouble throwing and catching

    Increase Challenge:

    • Catch with the opposite hand
    • Increase number of crossings required
  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Waboba Golf

    Post by Jordan on February 29th, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Waboba Used: Pro, Extreme, or Surf
    Players: Divide into pairs
    How to Play: Set up a golf course with floating rings in the pool. Use color-coded rings to set up a point system. Players have to bounce the Waboba and land it in the ring to score points. Play until all players have completed the course. The pair with the most points wins.Players may coach and encourage one another to work together to score points.

    Game Variations:
    Set up different sized rings to make it easier or harder. Example: Hula hoops for beginners.

    Driving Range:

    • Divide the end of the pool into zones using lane ropes.
    • Pupils are challenged to land the Waboba in a particular zone.

    Nearest the Pin:

    • Pupils have to bounce the Waboba as close to the end wall as possible.
    • Disqualified if the Waboba hits the wall / bounces out of pool.
    • Use a floating object to use as a pin.

    Additional Game Variations:

    • Restrict number of bounces allowed
    • Play consecutive shots until you hit the target

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