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  • Bounce Ahead Activity: Street Squash

    Post by Jordan on March 2nd, 2012

    Suggested Age: 7+
    Players: Divide into teams
    How to Play:
    Throw the Street ball against the floor so it bounces against the wall and returns. Opponent must catch the Street before it bounces (or after 1 bounce if no bounce is too difficult). Players should agree on the width of the court, how close they are allowed to the wall (usually 1 meter away), and a throw line (usually about 4 meters from the wall) to stop the ball from being thrown too far back.

    Throw against the wall first, then the floor. Catch before the 2nd or 3rd bounce.

    • Play 1v1.
    • If playing 2v2, alternate throws.
    • 3+ players. As players drop the ball or do not reach it in time, they lose a life. Each player starts with 3 lives and when they lose all 3, they withdraw from the game until only 2 players are left to compete for a victory.
    Street Corner

    Similar to street squash, but played in a corner. Street is thrown into the corner and must bounce off both walls and the floor. The opponent has to catch the street before it hits the floor a second time. Watch the video here: Street Corner

    Activity created by Simon Scarborough, PE teacher at Culverhay in the UK. To read more from Simon, please visit his blog – Excellence Through PE.
  • Create a New Game and Win!

    Post by Jordan on July 13th, 2011

    Have you created a new Waboba game? Now through July 31st, we’re on the lookout for a Wabobian to share their new game as an extra way to have fun with our products. Be the first person to have your game featured on our website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

    We’re all about having fun and sometimes you want to play by your own rules. Tell us what new Waboba game you invented when you play with your friends and family for a chance to win and have your game featured online. Write a simple description of your game using the Blast, Surf, Pro, Extreme, Flyer, or Street ball and post it on our Facebook page wall, or leave a comment below. Best game wins! If your game is chosen, we’d love for you to share video/pictures demonstrating to help share your game and include it on our YouTube channel. You’ll be famous!

    For the sake of sharing ideas, here’s one I came up with. Put floating rings (hula hoops) in a pool or lake (works best in calm waters) and bounce a Waboba ball to try and get it in the rings. You could have different points per ring, like 1pt, 2pt, 3pts, depending on which ring you land in. Play up to 21 points. It’s a great way to test your Waboba skills and master the bounce. Try it!

  • A peak into Surf Expo

    Post by Chris on January 11th, 2011
    All80′s all Night with Tony Hawk at Surf Expo

    All possible and impossible boards, Tony Hawk, Skateramps, Free Beer, Bikini’s and models by the 100′s and, of course, Balls that bounce on water and (with the U.S. introduction of Waboba Street) land all compete for the attention at this huge expo showing of the latest in beack and extremesport fashion.

    As promised a breef sneakpeak of the show for you who click MORE Below! ENJOY

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