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  • Waboba Tournament Round 2 at Surf at Night

    Post by Jordan on September 23rd, 2012

    With over 15 teams and a rough sea, our 2nd Waboba Tournament was held at the SURF AT NIGHT festival on the beach of Cortegaça in Portugal from the 15th-19th of August 2012. We had to dodge the rough sea, but the tournament could not be stopped. The speed, excitement and growing competitiveness between teams was obvious. Players rated the Waboba sport as pure adrenaline! There were many goals + fouls as the tournament reached it´s end. Aggressive first timers are now Wabobians to the heart and cannot wait for the next tournament.


    1st place – PRO Catch Kit

    2nd  -  PRO Ball

    3rd   -  Extreme ball
    Visit Waboba Iberia’s Facebook page for a calendar of the games, as well as some great action shots. 
  • Waboba Day @ Surf at Night Festival, Cortegaça

    Post by Leeroy on August 15th, 2011

    We just had to be part of this exciting mixture of good music and sports at the Surf at Night Festival. Our champs, Team Beihaus, came over from Mangualde to show off their skills and teach others how to play. Needless to say, All Surf at Night fans that tried or watched us play Waboba loved it!

    ML Aventura´s team were challenged by us to a game of Streetball, which they accepted. It was so competitive and exciting to watch. Also, the popular TV channel, Porto Canal could not resist us as they filmed the game and wanted to know all about Waboba.

    The CCC Cortegaça camping spot will be holding a Waboba Streetball tournament this week. Although according to Beihaus, Streetball does not beat Waboba in water!

    It’s incredible how many people have still not heard of Waboba. It surprises me daily. But due to all the excitement, it goes to show the Waboba games are here to stay and grow!