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  • Get Ready For International Waboba Day!

    Post by Jordan on August 10th, 2011

    International Waboba Day is only 2 days away! Are you prepared? To help you, we developed a list of what you’ll need to celebrate the day:

    • Your Waboba(s). Duh.
    • People, whether they are your friends, fellow Wabobians, family, or strangers with candy. You can’t play by yourself.
    • Sunscreen
    • A cooler full of goods.
    • A camera – so you can share pictures and/or video with us of you Wabobin’ like a rockstar.
    • Gum. You know, in case you have bad breath and want to pick up a guy or girl on the beach by asking them to play Waboba with you.
    • A Waboba Towel. A regular towel will do just fine, but it won’t be as cool as ours.
    • A trash bag. No one likes a litter bug.

    That should cover the basics. Now onto the best part. We’ll be hosting contests and giveaways all day on Facebook and Twitter, so you best be checking our pages and sharing your Waboba adventures. We’re not going to spoil all of them because surprises add some pizazz to life, but we will tell you about two that will automatically enter you to win on August 12th. We have no limit to the number of prizes we’ll give away, so be sure to show and spread the Waboba love!

    1. On Twitter, use the hashtag #Waboba and mention @wabobaballs. For example, “I love International #Waboba Day more than my birthday. Out celebrating on Bali with @Wabobaballs.” If you do an awesome, fun tweet and we fave it, you’ll be entered to win. Get it? Got it? Good.

    2. Post on our Facebook page wall at any time during International Waboba Day, August 12th and you’ll be entered to win. Share your pictures. Post a video. Ask us to marry you. Whatever. But of course, if you make us blush, laugh, or cheer, that will increase your chances of winning.

    Stay tuned for more. Have fun and see you outside!

  • Waboba Towel

    Post by Chris on August 27th, 2010

    - Next generation towels!

    No matter how much we love the water at Waboba – there are still occasions where you want to be dry. Up till now though there was no real good way of getting the water off your body. We got sick and tired of heavy, bulky terry towels that kept making all your other belongings wet too and got filled with sand on the beach – not to mention the boring looks that have been the same for centuries. We decided its time to bring towels into the new millennium and set out to come up with the next generation of towels. After much avail we can now officially release the first 4 designs of the Waboba Towel.

    Forget those bulky, soggy beach towels of yesteryears! WABOBA introduces the WABOBA Towel. Engineered for the sun worshipper, watersport enthusiast and all around person that likes to get wet, the WABOBA Towel is a technological marvel;

    • Soaks up to 10 times its weight in water
    • A quarter the weight of regular beach towels
    • Dries in record time
    • Wicks water off your body like magic
    • Sheds off more beach sand when shaken than traditional beach towels
    • Packs in a small size even for a 30 x 60” size! Takes up almost no room in a beach bag vs those older terry towels!

    There is no secret that we at Waboba like to spend the days at the beach playing around – and one thing that’s always been a thorn in our side is the towels… (Read more…)