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  • Pressrelease: WABOBA’s new UFO

    Post by Chris on May 20th, 2011

    Waboba® USA launches the Tosy® AFO™ (Aliens’ Flying Object) which is sure to fly off retail shelves and fill the sky with hours of fun, both day and night!

    This Unconventional Flying Object is the most modern boomerang flying-disc game on the market, recommended for ages 5+, but perfect for the pre-teen and teen segments. Plus, the AFO/UFO is a reminiscent throw-back to youth for baby boomer parents and grandparents looking for active, fun, easy and safe play for–or with– their family.

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  • Kasey – April’s Baller of the Month

    Post by Jordan on April 27th, 2011

    If you tilt your head to the left, it looks like the balls are spelling an L, which must stand for Love. We’re feeling it, and we’re sending it right back to Kasey Bryan, April’s Baller of the Month, for taking and sending us this picture. She and her friends were playing Waboba in Panama City Beach, Florida and got other folks hooked on Waboba from watching them play. What a gal, that Kasey. Today, we’re sending Kasey a prize pack of Waboba products that will add to her collection and hopefully (fingers crossed) make her fall in love with us more and spread the love to others. If that doesn’t work, then maybe we’ll call in cupid. Surely, this is his slow season.

    Thanks again, much love, and congratulations to Kasey!

    Do you have a Waboba story, picture or video to share with us? Please email jordan@waboba.com your fun experience and you’ll be entered to win a future Baller of the Month. It could be May, June, July, August, etc., and who knows what year because we plan on doing this for a while. So let’s see your stuff. :)

    Happy Bouncing!